Sunday, April 3, 2011

I enjoy being a girl.

I am not a heavy makeup kind of girl, although I wouldn't pass up a moment to get dolled up, especially if it's for free (e.g. those awesome Yelp! Elite events) or done well (e.g. during my sister's wedding). I just need some good foundation, light eyeshadow, and maybe some eyeliner action to make my small eyes pop (or distract from the sad dark shadows under my eye. BTW, does anyone have a recommendation for a good dark circle serum?). Probably my favorite piece(s) in my (very small) makeup kit would be my Bare Minerals matte foundation in Golden Tan, BM tinted mineral veil, and BM Blush (totally loving Joyous Jennifer) or All-Over Face Color. 

Now, why am I talking about my love for Bare Minerals? Two reasons...

First, it's the first face makeup that didn't make me breakout or made my face feel clogged up. I was being a total zombie one summer night back in Berkeley, and I saw the ubiquitous Bare Minerals infomercials, and I really bought into it! So, I decided to go the Bare Escentuals store on 4th Street and got my first kit, and now I'm totally hooked. It is something I invest in and replace every 6-12 months, depending on what it is (blushes last waaaay longer than the foundation, obviously). I actually think it's time I buy some new brushes, too. Maybe I'll try the Sonia Kashuk brushes that you can get exclusively at Target (now that's hawking my own company. haha).

Second, I love love love going to the Bare Escentuals store and getting beautified by the super nice "Beauty Ambassadors." Even if I only visit the boutiques once or twice a year, the experiences have always been wonderful, and I like looking at and coveting the different shades of blushes, eye shadows, etc.

My most recent visit was specially nice, because I finally got their custom kit, which is an absolute steal at $55 + tax. You get the foundation plus two powders (one in large, one in medium) and it all comes with the makeup bag! But, the best part of it all is that BE puts your purchase in a reusable bag. A reusable bag! For free!!! I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but I am so impressed that Bare Escentuals as a company would commit to an eco-friendly solution. And the bag looks great, too!

I can't believe I'm as giddy about trying out my new makeup as I am about trying out a new restaurant, but I cannot wait for my old stash to run out so I can start using the new radiance and mineral veil. What's your favorite makeup piece, and why?


  1. Love BE as well! Like you said, first foundation to not make me break out. While I still use mostly BE everything, I've switched over to Philosophy's Supernatural for the foundation. I admit, the container is stupid so I pour it into an old BE container but the coverage is amazing and it's 100% natural ingredients. :) I still use BE blush and Mineral Veil-nothing beats those, for sure!

  2. Ooh, I remember seeing your Philosophy makeup when I visited; I may have to look into that. I just love BE's colors, too.

  3. I want to LIKE make-up. but im too lazy... haha. i still have that BE kit from years ago.

  4. @Din baka expired na yung kit mo. hala ka! lol!